Progress Report on the Coastal Building at Veliki Pijesak – April 2024

We are proud to update you on the status of the construction site at our coastal building at Veliki Pijesak.

The installation of ceramics is nearing completion on the top floor as well as in the hallways, and we have commenced the installation of wrought iron fences.

In the accompanying image, you can witness the remarkable progress of the building and how we are getting closer every day to the ceremony of handing over keys to our future residents.

Despite working intensively over the past few months, our commitment to quality has been more than evident in the series of successfully completed works. At every stage of the construction process, we adhere to the principle that only the finest materials can create homes where enjoyment is guaranteed at every moment.

We look forward to completing all planned works swiftly and on schedule, enabling residents to enjoy the charms of coastal living this summer.