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Development of projects and project documentation
Construction of low-rise and high-rise buildings
Turnkey construction
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Development of projects and project documentation

Each of our projects is a unique story. We try to approach each new job with special attention and we are very dedicated to every detail in the planning and design phase in order to provide functional, but also aesthetically attractive facilities that will satisfy all your needs.

Our team of experts in the fields of architecture, engineering and design has extensive experience in creating projects and project documentation for various types of construction facilities.

The project development process includes careful analysis of client requirements, field research, as well as adaptation to specific regulations and rules. By analyzing the information obtained, we have the basis for developing a project solution that is functional, aesthetically attractive and technically feasible.

In the process of creating project documentation, we carefully work on drawings, plans, technical specifications and other documentation necessary for the successful construction of the building. We adhere to high standards and use the latest software tools to ensure accuracy, consistency and clarity of complete project documentation.

Our company has experience in working with relevant institutions and regulatory bodies in charge of issuing the necessary permits and approvals for the project. Our team is familiar with local regulations and rules so that every project assignment complies with all legal requirements.

Construction of low-rise and high-rise buildings

The company Kalamper deals with the construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation and adaptation of buildings in the field of construction and civil engineering. We are proud of the high quality of our services, which reflects in carefully selected materials, precise workmanship and detailed quality control of each step in the construction process.

We are proud of the high quality of our services, which reflects in carefully selected materials, precise workmanship and detailed quality control of each step in the construction process.

Services that accompany the construction segment include design and planning, execution of construction works, as well as design and installation of technical installation systems. The last phase is about quality control and the implementation of security measures to ensure compliance with regulations.

Our team of dedicated experts follows the latest trends and technologies in construction in order to provide you with a modern and functional solution that will satisfy your needs and desires.

In addition to the above, our company can also take care of the field arrangement where the desired facility is planned to be built. The initial phase of the construction of each project includes preparatory work, which includes: cleaning the construction area, cutting and removing bushes and trees, removing existing installations, manual and mechanical excavation of the ground, filling and leveling the terrain, removal of excess soil and rubble, as well as the delivery of soil or other materials needed for backfilling.

After the construction of the building itself, there will be landscaping, which includes work on the construction of access roads, sidewalks, parking spaces, and greenery with a complete designed infrastructure.

We believe in transparency in business and open communication with clients, and that’s why building your future with us is a safe investment.

Turnkey construction - Comprehensive service for your construction project

The so-called “turnkey” construction system implies the execution and completion of all construction works, including preparatory works, rough construction works, craft plumbing works and final (fine) construction works.

This kind of construction is a comprehensive service that allows you to focus on your needs and project vision, while we take care of all technical, administrative and organizational aspects. By choosing this option, you save your time and energy, and you don’t have to go through an exhaustive process of project realization.

Building a house according to this system is the right choice for people who do not have the time or experience to engage in construction work. You only need to coordinate your wishes and requirements so that everything goes smoothly and according to the agreement.

The main advantage of a turnkey construction system for clients is that we take responsibility for all phases of the project, reducing the risk of potential problems. Imagine how much easier it is to contact only one person for everything, avoid the stress of obtaining documentation, avoid the hassle of searching for individual providers, not to think about the progress and schedule of works.

In addition to the construction of residential buildings according to the “turnkey” principle, the Kalamper company also deals with the construction of gas stations according to this same system.

Real estate

The construction company Kalamper is continuously working on the construction of business- residential projects, which it puts on the open real estate market for sale.

The current portfolio of our company includes a large number of built buildings, all of which are characterized by an attractive location, modern design, harmonious square footage and carefully arranged rooms.

During the construction of residential buildings, we strictly take care of the materials we use and always choose the highest quality ones signed by renowned manufacturers.

Our goal is for the product we offer on the real estate market to be competitive, as well as to be innovative with the construction of each new building and follow world trends in the field of construction.

In addition to the above, buyers of residential buildings, signed by the Kalamper company have a guarantee to receive a product that follows all legally prescribed procedures and meets all technical regulations.

If you want to invest in real estate, contact us to choose your guarantee for the future together.

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